Spring Course 2020

Spring Course 2020

If you clicked this course is because you either:

  • Want to know about the amazing world of manufacturing.
  • You want to visit the amazingly beautiful Canary Islands.
  • All of them.

Think for a moment in the importance of manufacturing in the objects that are around you: all over your city, your home, the university… Wouldn’t you like to know it? In our course you will learn different kinds of manufacturing, as well as improve of your knowledge and have an introduction about the manufacturing of biomechanical elements.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is waiting for you! Apply and join us on the experience you will never forget!

Below you have some interesting links, have a look :)

The Schedule for the Spring Course

The much more needed Survival Guide

Main organizer

Lisay Guerra Rodríguez
+34 638 667 052

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